The Bitless Chuck Frasier Sidepull

The Chuck Frasier Sidepull is similar to other sidepulls, like those we start our colts in, but in addition to the noseband it has shanks, a curb and a bit hobble. This makes it an extremely useful aid to train horses to turn and stop, or to improve the turns and stops in our advanced horses, without using a bit.

When a direct rein pull is made with the Chuck Frasier Sidepull the shank on the opposite side of the horse’s face puts slight pressure on that side of the face. This helps your horse start its turns without leaning and learn to bring its head through the turns along with its nose. The noseband in combination with the dog chain curb provides a clear signal to stop.

The shanks are attached to each other with a bit hobble to keep the shanks moving together as a unit. The bit hobble prevents the cheek piece rings of the bit shanks from turning in and digging into the side of your horse’s face. It also prevents the curb strap from tightening inappropriately when a direct rein pull is made.  Because the shanks move together as a unit it’s easier for a horse to understand the cues for neck reining.

When both reins of the Chuck Frasier are pulled the noseband puts pressure on the horse’s nose. At the same time the shanks are rotating which causes the crown piece of the headstall to put pressure on the poll behind the ears and the curb to make contact on the chin. Your horse gets instant and consistent relief from the pressure on the nose, poll and chin the moment it starts to slow down to stop, or to collect. Relief from pressure is what rewards a horse for giving the correct response to a cue. The quicker and smoother the relief comes, the quicker and easier it is for a horse to learn to give the proper response.

Chuck Frasier Sidepull Bitless Bridle

The noseband is made of firm 3/8″ nylon rope. It will lay correctly from the first ride. The headstall is made of single ply 3/4″ tight-fibered harness leather with a 5/8″ throat latch. The shanks are handmade of stainless steel.

The design of the Chuck Frasier Sidepull makes it an exceptional aid to use when you’d like to train a horse without putting a bit in its mouth. It gives you the opportunity to teach smooth, consistent lateral flexion and stops without worrying your horse. It’s useful in any discipline including cow horse, barrel racing, cutting and reining. The Chuck Frasier Sidepull is not designed for starting colts or riding green horses. The Dennis Moreland Tack Sidepull is an excellent piece of equipment to start your colts in.

The Chuck Frasier Sidepull is handmade at Dennis Moreland Tack and is available with your choice of reins. To get more information on the Chuck Frasier Sidepull call 817-312-5305 or email

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