Chubby Turner on Dual R SmokinChubby Turner (Pictured riding Dual R Smokin, decked out in a Dennis Moreland #HS23 headstall and #ASR1 reins) — J Five Ranch Manager; Past NCHA President; Weatherford, TX “I was one of Dennis’ first customers in 1976… Maybe third or fourth. There is no one that matches the quality and durability of Dennis Moreland Tack. I still have the rings off the first cinch and the bridle reins are still on the original bridle. Dennis only has the very best quality, The Best!”

Rodney Rosenauer — Rodney Rosenauer Quarter Horses, Burleson, TX “One thing about Dennis Moreland tack is you put your heart in it. You make it out of the best leather and hardware, and put oil on it to make it last and usable. I still have reins I’ve used for 20 years, man they have a good feel to them. Very few things are made that way today, I thank you for that. You know I have come to you for help many a time. Both with questions about tack and how it works and to help out with sponsoring some Associations I work with, like the NRCHA youth, Stock Horse of Texas, and Southwest Reined Cow Horse Youth Association. Dennis, you have never said no. Your question is, ‘what do you need…’ you have opened the doors to your tack shop and your heart with hundreds of dollars’ worth of stuff for them. You have done this for years now and I can’t thank you enough. Dennis Moreland you’re one of a kind, a true cowboy.”

Boyd Rice Rice Performance Horses “It’s as good a quality as there is. The leather and workmanship is as good as I’ve seen. Dennis is always good to do business with.”

Dick Gaines — Gaines Ranch “All Dennis Moreland Tack is high quality and durable. It is designed and built for the working horseman.”

Laurie Shelton 2012 AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Show, Amateur World Champion Laurie Shelton, DVM (Pictured decked out in Dennis Moreland #HS51 Cowboy Headstall With Braided Rawhide, #BLL3 – Latigo on Latigo 5/8 inch Bridle Reins and #1 Spurs with a 3/4 inch Wide Band with her name custom engraved in overlaid silver and she’s wearing the Ladies #SS3 Basket Stamped Spur Straps) — AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Champion, Extreme Cowboy Association World Champion, and SHOT Non Pro and Open All-Around Champion. “I have had the great pleasure of showing with Dennis and have used his tack for many years. The quality is phenomenal — it feels good in your hands and always seems to fit just right on my horses. This gear is built by hand, looks great, and there’s nothing better than knowing that Dennis is ready to make any adjustment or change you might need. Other riders notice the quality of his work, and I’ve been asked more than a few times “where did you get that?” I have used the heck out of his spurs, bits, headstalls, halters, and reins — no other tack I own holds up better.”

Austin Shepard on Bet Hesa Cat Austin Shepard (Pictured riding Bet Hesa Cat in a Dennis Moreland #HS13 5/8 inch Two Buckle Slide Ear Headstall and #ASR1 XXXX Harness Leather Split Reins.) AUSTIN SHEPARD CUTTING HORSES “Dennis sells high quality, very functional equipment.”

Lonnie Smith — Drifting Cowboy Saddle Shop; Ree Heights, South Dakota “I started using Dennis Moreland cinchas in 1989 while working at Buckhorn Springs Ranch for Haythorn Land and Cattle Company Arthur, Nebraska. Some of those cinchas are still in use today. When we started the Drifting Cowboy Saddle Shop in 2001 we wanted our customers to have the same security, safety for the rider and comfort for the horse that I demanded for myself. The good stainless steel buckles do not rub a horse, don’t break and the craftsmanship is second to none. We are grateful to have cinchas that we are confident in and proud to put them on the new saddles that wear our name.”

Curly Tully on Not Quite An Acre Curly Tully — CURLY TULLY CUTTING HORSES (Pictured riding Not Quite An Acre in the #HS51 Cowboy Headstall With Braided Rawhide, #ASR1 XXXX Harness Leather Split Reins, and a #BC7 Full Rawhide Braided Breast Collar). “Very high quality and built to last.” Note from Dennis: “Curly is a man of few words. We grew up together. He has used my tack since 1976.”

Bob Freeman — Arnett, OK “Dennis Moreland makes the best and the most durable tack anywhere. Actually, his equipment is so good and well made that I seldom need to replace it. With the exception of a mohair cinch, nothing seems to wear out if taken care of properly. I’ve known Dennis for about 35 years and besides being a close friend, he knows what cowboys and horsemen need and use. Top of the line.”

testimonial-partners Paul Cleveland “Dennis’ tack is of the absolute highest quality. It is designed and made by a lifetime horseman who knows and uses the equipment himself. The leather used in all of his tack is second to none. Dennis builds tack for all levels, whether it’s the working cowboy or your competition horse. Dennis’ craftsmanship is impeccable, and I highly recommend it.” Note from Dennis: “This painting called ‘Partners’ of Paul Cleveland by Steve Devenyns (was actually done for one of my catalog covers years ago) shows a #HS55 Browband Headstall with Braided Rawhide, #A4 Steel C Shank Bit with Silver, #ASR2 Dennis Moreland XXX Harness Leather Split Reins, #BC7 Full Rawhide Braided Breast Collar, and he has on a #10CS Cincha. The chuckwagon shows the Figue 4 brand of the Haythorn’s. The pic was painted while Paul Cleveland worked at Haythorn Land and Cattle in Arthur, NE, winner of the AQHAs Inaugural Best Remuda Award in 1992.”

Bobby Hawkins — Hawkins Ranches “We have used and sold Dennis Moreland’s equipment for 25+ years and have not had a problem with quality or workmanship. I still have the bit and reins I used on my first NCHA Futurity horse about 25 years ago. Definitely some of the best money can buy.”

Dave Batty — Dave Batty Cutting Horses “We use all Dennis Moreland products, we check with him first when we need something. Dennis Moreland tack is high quality, well made and will last a lifetime.”

Steve Devenyns Steve Devenyns DEVENYNS LIMITED EDITIONS (pictured below with Karen Devenyns and his mount, who is decked out the #HS55 Headstall. Also shown is the #A6 Steel Short Cavalry Shank Bit, #CU10 Stainless Steel Flat Chain Curb, #ASR2 Dennis Moreland XXX Harness Leather Split Reins and Steve has on a #10CS Cincha.) I own several Moreland saddle blankets, hobbles and numerous headstalls and reins. After many years of use, I have found the quality and craftsmanship of Moreland Tack to be unbeatable. As an artist who strives for authenticity in my paintings of working cowboys, I am proud to personally own Moreland Tack and include it in my artwork. Many of the working cowboys that appear in my paintings also use this tack because of the pride in their horses and equipment. They too know quality when they see it. These products last for years and I highly recommend owning this great line of Dennis Moreland Tack. Note from Dennis: “The painting ‘American Icon’ (pictured) by Steve Devenyns is of Craig Haythorn, a 4th generation rancher. Craig has used my products since I started in business in 1976. Winner of the AQHA’s Inaugural Best Remuda Award in 1992. ‘Craig loves a good horse. Everything on the ranch that can be done horseback is. I have ridden Haythorn horses since 1971.”

Bill Brewer — Former AQHA Executive Vice President- “I have owned and used Dennis Moreland Tack for over 20 years. I have used his bits, headstalls, reins, breast collars, cinch’s, halters, leadropes and more. In fact, I only buy my tack from Dennis. For the past 20 years the only tack I have used on my horses came from Dennis. I believe everything is of superior quality and I have never had any problems. I believe Dennis to be a man of his word and his tack to be of the highest quality and workmanship.”

Cord Haythorn Haythorn Land & Cattle “The cinches are the best that I have ever found. They will last me a very long time. I have never felt any reins that felt better. I have used Dennis Moreland products for at least twenty years, and I have always been satisfied.”

Bill Riddle Bill Riddle Cutting Horses “Quality and Dennis Moreland are synonymous.”

Bozo Rogers on One Smokin ChicBozo Rogers (Pictured winning the 2009 NRCHA World’s Champion Open Bridle at San Angelo, TX riding One Smokin Chic.) “I currently have 8-10 different bits, 4 styles of hackamores, numerous headstalls, 4 types of martingales, romel reins, double stitch reins, harness leather reins, cavessons, hobbles, spurs, spur straps, numerous curbs and the cowboy halters. I bought my first Moreland tack in 1981. I still remember, it was a martingale, a cinch and a really neat wool saddle blanket. Spent nearly my whole month’s wages in one day! I think quality and honesty are the first things I think of when I think of Dennis. I use his products every day, I don’t take very good care of it and it still lasts forever. He inspects every piece before shipping it, and doesn’t try to sell you something you don’t need. I appreciate the fact that Dennis rides, shows and uses the tack himself. I have had very few times that something broke, but if it did and it wasn’t my fault, Dennis always stood behind his products and sent me another one really quick.”

Tarin Rice Tarin Rice Performance Horses “I Use Dennis’ tack everyday and never have to think if it’s going to fail. I know it will be ready for whatever I put it through.” Note from Dennis: “Tarin is Boyd’s son. Makes me smile when he comes in the shop. He is one of my 4th Generation Families since he and his wife Katie had their baby daughter.”

Mary Jo & Jim Milner “Dennis’ tack has always been the highest quality and he stands behind it so well! He always says and does what he says! I have always appreciated his generosity with the NCHA members. His long history proves his reputation with his customers.”

Horse by windmill John Piepho “Dennis Moreland tack is very high quality tack that will work and wear well. It fits and does the job it is designed to do.” Note from Dennis: “This painting (pictured left) is called ‘John Piepho’ by Steve Devenyns. As of this year John has worked at Haythorn Land and Cattle for 40 years. He is as much at home on top of a windmill as he is horseback. John can do it all.”

Clay Johns “Top quality material and workmanship. Very durable.”

Jennifer Wittman “I want to thank you for continuing to make great working tack that can be used every day and in the show pen.”

Matt Koch “High quality, good using equipment that stands up to a day’s work.”

Bill Parker — BLS Horse Sales, Billings MT “Made for cowboys by a cowboy.”

Ian Chisholm — Chisholm Ranch “Great fitting, great quality, great look. Simply the best!”

Dennis Funderburgh — Co-champion of the 1964 NCHA Futurity and Sr. Champion of the Neiman Marcus NCHA Futurity Champions Cup; Stephenville, Texas “Your tack is very high quality cowboy equipment. We’ve used this tack as long as it’s been made. All you have to do is oil and use.”

Andrea Jordan Andrea Jordan “Dear Mr. Moreland, Thanks so much for sponsoring our LASH events. I ride with my ten year old granddaughter. We have never enjoyed doing anything as much as LASH. You and others that make LASH possible have blessed our lives more than you’ll ever know. The pictures are of Kelsey (age 10) cutting and me. What more could a grandmother want to share? Thanks so much!”
“Thank-you Mr. Moreland!” —Kelsey

Deanna Doyle — South Dakota “I don’t mind paying for Dennis’ superior quality tack. It saves me money in the long run because it lasts. If I wanted cheap, I would buy Made in China.”

James Larry Martin — Texas “Dennis knows what good equipment looks and feels like. His products are excellent with the highest quality available in the U.S. If you are looking for the real thing in horse training equipment look no further than Dennis Moreland Tack!”

COLTER B SCHLOSSER — Florida “I love the feel and quality in these reins. They have stood the test from 2yr olds to the show pen. Always something I’m needing more of.”

Suzanne F. Harvey — Louisiana “Some of my headstalls & reins are 20 years old. One girth is also. Quality tack is worth the price.”

Remmelhs “Love your tack line it lasts forever with basic care. The rawhide tack is Gorgeous and above average quality!”

Pam MacArthur — New Mexico “I can order from Dennis with confidence, and be sure that what I receive will be of the best quality – Dennis is a horseman and uses what he sells, his products always work for me.”