Tack Talk

PUBLISHED WITH PERMISSION OF AMERICA’S HQRSE MAGAZINE American Quarter Horse Association Dennis has written the following informative and easy to follow articles outlining the proper and safe use of tack and horse equipment.

Hay There How to Safely Hang a Hay Net

Security Blankets Saddle Pad Choice


Grooming A Clean Sweep


Breast Collars Function Before Fashion


Bridling Bridle Path


Curb Straps Curb Your Enthusiasm


The Double Off Billet Loop, Swoop and Pull to Fasten Your Cinch On


Hackamores A Heck of a Hackamore


Don’t Kick the Bucket How to Safely Hang a Bucket in a Stall


Hobble Along Proper and Safe Use of Hobbles


Headstalls Proper Use of Headstalls


Rein Man Choosing Reins


Bowline Knot, Take Me To Your Leadrope Lead Ropes


Latigo With the Flow Latigos


A Thin Line Rope Strap Safety


Tying the Halter, The Rope Halter Rope Halters


Safety First! Safety Guidelines for Horsemen


Saddle Up and Move ‘Em Out Saddling Properly and Safely