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Training Lead with Weighted End #ALR6


Description: The 14 ft lead is made of 3/4 inch braid on braid soft nylon rope. The end of the lead is threaded back through itself to double the rope for 6 inches. This short doubled length adds extra weight to the end.

How it works: The 3/4 inch rope makes an excellent lead for training. It has enough body to let you place it, wherever you need it, as you’re training your colts. The extra length of this 14 ft lead allows you to stay a safer distance from your horse than a standard lead. It won’t burn the legs of your horse when you use it to carefully pick up its feet. The extra weight of the doubled end allows easier handling of the rope and better accuracy and control when you throw it on your horse’s back or through its legs to desensitize it to rope. Since the end isn’t made of leather it won’t get chewed. The heavy end can also be used to gently pop the horse if it’s lagging when led.

Watch my video “Training Halters Can Give Your Colts a Head Start” to see more about this lead and the DM Training Halter with Lead #AH3 and the DM Training Halter with Knots and Lead #AH4.