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The Art of Hackamore Training


The Art of Hackamore Training-A Time Honored Step in the Bridle Horse Tradition, by Al Dunning and Benny Guitron with Deanna Lally, is a goldmine of information about training with the California hackamore, also called a bosal. With loads of excellent photos detailing the step by step processes of developing the hackamore horse, these 2 multiple world champions walk you through everything from the ground work to advanced horsemanship maneuvers including cattle work.

California hackamores or jaquimas were introduced from Mexico to California and western North America by vaqueros in the late 1700s. The vaqueros knew hackamores were essential for teaching a horse the balance and feel necessary to become a finished bridle horse and a responsive and invaluable partner for cattle work. Learn everything from the history of the hackamore to the art of training in the hackamore in this well written and illustrated book that passes along the time-honored traditions of the vaquero horseman.

Paperback, 136 pages, photos by Robert Dawson.