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Racetrack Leather Spur Straps #SS4



Description: These spur straps are made of racetrack harness leather which is the toughest and tightest fibered leather I can buy. They are always cut out of the back of the side of leather which is the best part. They are hand edged, hand rubbed, and waxed and have stainless steel buckles and leather loop keepers. They are very durable and made to fit on your boot correctly.

These are made with thin latigo teardrops which cover the inside spur buttons to prevent your buttons from catching while walking and causing a fall. This is an important safety factor when working horses on foot.

If you order a pair of spurs at the same time I will gladly put the straps on for you.


Mens: fits men’s boot size 9 and larger

Womens: fits women’s boot size 9 1/2 and smaller