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Basket Stamped Spur Straps #SS3

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Description: These spur straps are cut from the back of the skirting leather side to give you a very durable strap. The straps are basket stamped by hand and have a hand braided rawhide loop keeper. The leather beneath the stainless steel buckles is sewn together to keep the buckles in place. My spur straps are shaped to fit on your boots correctly.

The inside button cover is also basket stamped. Button covers are an important safety factor so when working your colts, horses or cattle on foot you don’t get your buttons caught and get tripped.

These Basket Stamped Spur Straps look very classy in the show pen as well as on the ranch. If you order a pair of spurs at the same time I will gladly put the straps on for you.


Men’s: boot size 9 and up

Women’s: size 9 1/2 and smaller

Also shown on the horse are #10CS Dennis Moreland Straight Cinch#DO1 Double Off Latigo, #GS1 Hand Braided Rawhide Flat Bottom Stirrups, and #2 Spur 1 Inch Wide Band.