Slot Ear Headstall with Silver #HS80

From $475.99


Description: The Doubled and Stitched Slot Ear Headstall with Silver is made of 5/8 inch race track harness leather that is beautifully accented with hand engraved Vogt sterling silver. On the near side the silver buckle has a silver keeper. On the off side a sterling V with a nostalgic horse head of gold fill is attached under the ear slot. Your bit will be connected on either side with a sterling slot concho.

The race track leather is lined with latigo lining leather. Race track harness is a very dense, fine grained leather which makes it strong but flexible. This is the best leather I can buy. The lining leather feels good against your horse’s face. The leather beneath the adjustment buckle is handsewn together to keep the buckle from slipping. The headstall has been edged, hand-rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again before I attach the sterling silver.

How it works: The short cheek piece on this headstall keeps the buckle away from the horse’s eye. The slot ear is sized right to fit small and large horses. This is a stunning headstall for the show pen and looks and works great for pleasure and trail rides. It will last for years.

This headstall is available alone or with the Straight Breast Collar with Vogt hand engraved sterling concho. See choices in the dropdown.

Breast Collar: The Straight Breast Collar is made of 1 inch harness leather lined with burgundy latigo. The leather is hand edged, hand-rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. The chafe under the concho is lined with sheepskin. The adjustable hold down strap is 3/4 inch wide with a 3/4 inch snap and buckle piece to connect it to the cinch. The tug straps are 3/4 inch wide. The ring, dees, buckles and snap are all beveled stainless steel. The concho is hand engraved sterling silver. This breast collar is stout enough to rope in, work cattle in, and do any type work you need to do.

The headstall and breast collar make a beautifully eye-catching set for the show pen or wherever you’d like to use them.