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Bill Riddle Sideline #SL2

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Description: The #SL2 Bill Riddle Sideline is made of two double and stitched 1 3/4 inch burgundy latigo leather cuffs with easy on/easy off closures connected by your choice of 24, 30 or 36 inch long soft white nylon rope (see dropdown). The rectangles and dees are made of round stainless steel rod.

How it works: This is a very helpful piece of equipment to use when you are sacking out a colt, teaching a young horse to stand hobbled or wanting to keep a horse from kicking in the trailer. You can prevent a horse that kicks in the trailer from hurting himself and kicking apart the trailer by using this sideline on just the left or right side or use two and cross them as with Australian sidelines. Always use caution when putting the sideline on for the first time. Get out in an open sandy arena with lots of room so your colts or horses will be safe if they react to having their legs connected with the sideline. Once horses learn how a sideline feels they usually accept it and stand quietly. Sidelines and hobbles can both have a quieting effect on a horse’s mind.

The first time you use the sideline on your horse or while training the horse to accept it use a wide open sandy area. Do not put it on in the trailer or other confined space until they accept the sideline easily and well.