Braided Rawhide Barrel Rein #RR60


Description: This is a great feeling hand braided rawhide barrel racing rein. It has 4 pineapple knots for grip and 12 button and barrel knots for eye appeal. There is plenty of body and feel here to really communicate with and control your horse. The rawhide is braided on a 56 inch piece of 5/16th inch nylon cord, all done by hand by a master braider. The 5/8 inch latigo adjustment straps allow 6 inches of adjustment for a total rein length of between 74 and 80 inches. The adjustment strap ends are held in place with rawhide braided keepers. The snaps and buckles are stainless steel. This is a functional, eye-catching barrel rein.

How they work: The rawhide braided knots are very useful not only for quick grip as you turn a barrel but also to help lift and push against the neck as you raise a shoulder around a barrel. Vaqueros have been using these knots for centuries. They learned the slight pressure from the knot against the horse’s neck gets more response than just leather or rawhide alone.