Romal Reins Connecting Straps #ZO

From $52.50


Description: Made of latigo leather with rawhide loops, these handmade romal rein connecting straps are 1/2 inch wide. They have 5 adjustment holes (with room for more) to allow you to change the length between 4 1/2 and 6 inches. The roller buckles are stainless steel. The leather beneath each buckle is hand stitched together to prevent the buckle from slipping down the strap during adjustments. The hand braided rawhide loop keepers make these quality straps even more beautiful. They add a nice accent to your rawhide, kangaroo or leather romal reins!

How they work: These romal rein connecting straps will safely connect your romal reins to your bit. The stainless steel roller buckles allow easy and quick adjustments in length. These straps will work with or without snaps. Three inch stainless steel bolt snaps (shown in photos of horses at left) are available in the dropdown for $15.00. If you order snaps we’ll put them on the straps before we ship them.

Also shown on the horse is the Cowboy Headstall with Rawhide #HS51, the Steel Cavalry Shank Bit with Roller #A6, the Double Buckle Leather Curb Strap #CU21 and the Kangaroo Romal Reins #CCR3.