Performance Rein #RR30



Description: This continuous Performance Rein is made of 5/8 inch solid braid nylon rope. It’s available in 7 foot and 9 foot lengths. The exceptional quality of this rope makes it so easy to take your horse up or give him some slack. The 7 foot length is built to ride smaller cow and reining bred colts in. The 9 foot length is great for any horse.

This rein has harness leather rein ends (water loops) on each end so you can securely attach the rein to your bit. It feels especially good in your hands and is excellent if you’re on a tight budget. Choose brown or tri-color (shown on horse) in the dropdown.

How it works: This continuous rein lets you rope, run barrels or train with close contact to the bit. Use one or both hands without ever worrying about loosing a rein. Excellent for pleasure riding too! Legal in AQHA, and most other association’s, speed events.

Also shown on the horse is the #HS25 3/4 Inch Short Cheek Browband Headstall, #19 the Offset D Ring Snaffle Bit and the #CU31 Single Buckle Leather Curb Strap.