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Long Latigo #L1

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Description: I make 2 sizes of Long Latigo: the 1 3/4 inch width is 6 1/2 feet long and the 2 inch width is 7 1/2 feet long (see dropdown). The holes are 2 inches apart. The latigos are made from firm, tight-fibered burgundy latigo leather that has been edged, hand-rubbed, and waxed. These are exceptionally high quality, have great feel, and will give you years of service. I guarantee you will be pleased. Dennis

How it works: This long latigo is made to go around the cinch and saddle dee twice but will not leave a lump under your fender. If you happen to like an extra thin latigo so you can have the ultimate in close contact with your horse, give Dennis a call when ordering (817-312-5305) to have your latigo run through the splitter to thin it. It will also be re-edged and rewaxed before it’s sent to you.

See my Tack Talk article Latigo with the Flow to get more information on latigos.