Above the Hock Kick Chain #KC2


Description: The Above the Hock Kick Chain is made of 1 inch double and stitched latigo leather with a stainless steel roller buckle and dee. The 18 inch chain attached to the dee is also stainless steel.

How it works: This kick chain is worn above the hock and will not drag around the stall. This is a useful tool to use on those horses that want to kick the stall or trailer. Most horses will stop kicking after a short time with the kick chain but a small percentage will need to wear it indefinitely. This kick chain is sold as a single. If you need additional Above the Hock Kick Chains, and you may need 1 for each back leg on a horse that has been kicking the stall or trailer for a long time, please order additional in the “quantity” box below.

This is not a tool to be used for teaching horses to not kick at people.

Shown on a horse that is 15.1 hands and 1100 pounds.