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Round Rope Hackamore #HV61

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Description: The noseband on this #HV61 Hackamore is made of a single piece of 1/4 inch nylon rope. The headstall is made of 5/8 inch latigo with a 1/2 inch bled browband and has a nylon fiador. The hand braided ring knots on the noseband keep the headstall from slipping.

Rein choice: Available with your choice of any rein in the hackamore rein category (order in dropdown). The rein you choose will be tied to the hackamore before I send it.

How it works: The round shape of the noseband allows for an instant and a very consistent signal anywhere on the face. The noseband comes in 2 sizes; 21 inches in circumference for close contact and very quick action and 23 inches in circumference to decrease the speed of the signal very slightly (see dropdown). The latigo headstall is lighter than a harness leather headstall allowing for faster communication than harness leather. This hackamore is a favorite among trainers and is made to be a training hackamore rather than for starting colts.

Hackamore is shown with the #CHR6 Round Nylon Hackamore Rein. Price with this rein is $157.99.