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Hard 4 Plait Hackamore #HV51

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Description: The noseband on this Hard 4 Plait Hackamore is made of 3/16 inch 4 plait twisted nylon rope. At 5 inches in width between the cheeks this hackamore is 11 inches in length from top to bottom. If you need a larger or smaller hackamore please give me a call at 817-312-5305 and I’ll make the size you need. Click here to visit my blog to see how to measure your horse for a hackamore. The hackamore comes with a harness leather browband headstall, fiador and with your choice of hackamore rein.

Rein choice: You can see the reins available in the hackamore rein category and select your rein in the dropdown. The rein you choose will be tied to the hackamore before I send it.

How it works:  This hackamore gives the strongest signal from the pull on the rein of all the hackamores made at Dennis Moreland Tack. The heel knot gives you instant release when the rein pressure is released thereby rewarding the horse instantly for a proper response. I do not recommended this hackamore for riding or training colts but it can be a very good hackamore for those horses that are not very sensitive to the pull.

Shown with the #CHR3 Hand Braided Nylon Hackamore Rein. With this rein the price is $345.99.