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Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore #HV41

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Description: This Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore comes in 4 colors: tan, our original color, and now blue, pink and purple! You can see photos of the color choices at left and select your favorite in the dropdown below.

At 5 inches in width between the cheeks this hackamore is 10 inches in length from top to bottom. If you need a larger or smaller hackamore please give me a call at 817-312-5305 and I’ll make the size you need. Click here to visit my blog to see how to measure your horse for a hackamore.

The 4 plait noseband is made of 5/16 inch nylon solid braid rope. This hackamore comes with a browband headstall, fiador (tan fiador with the tan hackamore and white fiador with the blue, pink and purple hackamores) and with your choice of hackamore rein (see below).

Rein choices: You can see the rein choices in the hackamore rein category and select in the dropdown. The rein you choose will be tied to the hackamore before I send it.

How it works: This hackamore is perfect for loping and is my best selling loping hackamore. The 4 plait noseband has slightly more feel than my 3 plait hackamore but is still very soft on the horse’s nose. It’s comfortable on a horse and great for warming up in the show pen. It can help stressed or tense horses relax before being shown.

The tan hackamore is shown with the #CHR1 Hand Braided Grass Hackamore Rein. With this rein the price is $272.99. The pink, blue and purple hackamores are shown with the #CHR3 Hand Braided Nylon Hackamore Rein. With this rein the price is $298.99.