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Double Rope Hackamore #HV30

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Description: The noseband on this Double Rope Hackamore is made of 2 pieces of 3/8 inch nylon rope. At 5 inches in width between the cheeks this hackamore is 12 inches in length from top to bottom. I can make additional sizes but you will need to call to order: 817-312-5305. This hackamore is made with a browband headstall, fiador and with your choice of hackamore rein (see dropdown).

Rein Choice: You can see the reins available in the hackamore rein category. The rein you choose will be tied to the hackamore before I send it.

How it works: The double rope hackamore pulls over a wider area on the bridge of the nose than the #HV20 Single Rope Hackamore. This causes the hackamore to give a slightly softer and milder signal. The weight of the heel knot allows it to fall quickly when the pressure on the reins is released which in turn releases the pressure of the noseband on the face. This series of events happens smoothly and quickly to reward the horse instantly for a proper response. This is a perfect hackamore to start colts in.

Shown with the #CHR3 Hand Braided Nylon Hackamore Rein. With this rein the price is $284.99.