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Single Rope Hackamore with Rawhide Nose #HV21

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Description: This is a beautiful hackamore that fits correctly. The nose button is covered in hand braided rawhide. Each strand of the rawhide is beveled by hand on all 4 edges so it lays smoothly on your horses face. The noseband is 5 inches wide between the cheeks and 10 1/2 inches long.

The headstall is made of single ply Hermann Oak harness leather and the brow band is doubled and stitched. The headstall adjustment buckles are stainless steel. This hackamore comes with a nylon fiador. The fiador is easy to tie (ties just like a rope halter) and will prevent the hackamore from being pulled or rubbed off.

Rein choice: This hackamore is available with any rein in the hackamore rein category. Make your selection in the dropdown. The rein you choose will be tied to the hackamore before it’s sent to you.

How it works: Besides being eye-catching, the rawhide on the nose button gives a slightly stronger signal than a plain rope noseband gives. It also keeps the hackamore rounded across the nose. The weight of the heel knot gives you a smooth and quick release when the rein pressure is released. This rewards your horse instantly for a proper response. This is an all-around hackamore. Use it for everything from starting colts and trail riding, to training and loping your show horse. This is my favorite all around hackamore. Dennis

The hackamore is shown with #CHR3 Hand Braided Nylon Hackamore Rein. The price with this rein is $361.99.