Grass Hackamore with Reins #HV10


Description: The Grass Hackamore with Reins is made entirely of one-piece of hand-braided 1/2 inch grass rope. The nose button is covered in hand-braided rawhide and the grass rope is spliced wide at the bottom to give more sidepull action. The hackamore has a 3/4 inch leather headstall with double and stitched browband and a 1/4 inch nylon fiador.

How it works: This hackamore gives a little bit stronger signal on the nose, because of the both the texture and the firmness of the braided rawhide, than a soft rope hackamore. This makes it a particularly good hackamore for loping horses that want to be a little strong in a soft rope hackamore. It’s also great to ride colts with because the reins are spliced widely on the base of the noseband to give more lateral direction when a rein is pulled. It can be used for all types of riding on any horse that works well with a fairly mild signal on its nose.