2 Rein Outfit #HU7



The 2 Rein Outfit is made of the:

Bosalita: The Bosalita is made of hand braided rawhide on your choice of a soft or hard core (see dropdown) and comes with an 3/8 inch handmade latigo California Style Hanger. The nose button is 7 inches in length. At 5 inches in width between the hanger buttons this bosalita is available in 10, 11 & 12 inch lengths from top to bottom. Please see the picture at left for size measurement descriptions. General guidelines for bosalita length: the 10 inch bosalita will fit a horse with a small muzzle, usually those 14.2 hands and under that weigh 900 lbs. or less. The 11 inch bosalita will fit a medium size muzzle and will fit the majority of horses. The 12 inch bosalita is made to fit a larger horse, generally those horses 15.2 hands and over that weigh 1250 lbs. or more. These measurements are dependent on individual muzzle size so it’s best to measure your horse.

Mecate: This #DK1 3/8 inch 4 strand Horse Mane-Hair Mecate has a firm twist, good body and a very soft hand. It is twisted on a horsehair core and is 22 feet in length. I have various colors available including sorrels, greys, blacks and whites. Please call for color availability 817-312-5305. If I don’t hear from you, I will choose the color.

Bridle: The bridle is made up of the #HS53 Two Buckle Slide Ear Headstall with Rawhide with slot conchos, the #A4 Steel C Shank Bit with Silver with the #4F mouthpiece with roller (this bit is NRCHA legal), the #CU21 Double Buckle Leather Curb (also NRCHA legal) and the beautiful, well balanced, completely hand braided #CCR1 Rawhide Romal Reins. These reins are 108 inches in total length and come in your choice of 2 core widths: 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch (see dropdown).

How it works: The 2 rein is used when you’re taking your young horses from the hackamore to the bit. It helps them keep a light mouth while you’re finishing their training. A long trot across a big pasture teaches the horse to carry the bit correctly without ever having his mouth pulled on. You can adjust the length of the mecate and reins as you ride, if things get fast when you’re sorting a cow or yearling use just the bosalita and mecate. Because the horse is learning to work without pushing on the bit or throwing his head he will more easily be able to work tough cattle or do any other type of work successfully.

This is a top quality, functional set up for your 2 rein horse.