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Bosal 3/4 Inch #HU3

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Description & choices:

Rawhide or Kangaroo: This hackamore is available in 4 patterns: all rawhide, all kangaroo, rawhide body with kangaroo nose button and heel knot or kangaroo body with rawhide nose button and heel knot. Choose which pattern you’d like in the dropdown.

Bosal size: This 3/4 Inch Bosal is hand braided of rawhide and/or kangaroo, which has been hand beveled for a smooth finish. This is a very high quality bosal that will fit properly and last through years of training and riding. The bosal core is 12 plait. The 20 plait bosal nose button is 7 inches in length. At 5 inches in width between the hanger buttons this bosal is available in 10, 11 & 12 inch lengths from top to bottom (measurements pictured at left; see dropdown to order). General guidelines for bosal length: the 10 inch bosal will fit a horse with a small muzzle, usually those 14.2 hands and under that weigh 900 lbs. or less. The 11 inch bosal will fit a medium size muzzle and will fit the majority of horses. The 12 inch bosal is made to fit a larger horse, generally those horses 15.2 hands and over that weigh 1250 lbs. or more, but is dependent on muzzle size.

Core: This 3/4 Inch Bosal is available in soft & hard cores (see dropdown).

Heel Knot: The heel knots on all Dennis Moreland Bosals are heavy to give instant release when the pressure on the mecate is released. A special addition to all Dennis Moreland Bosals is the spacer inside the heel knot, between the cores, which gives the mecate space to lay correctly. This is a very nice improvement over bosals with no spacer.

Hanger: This bosal comes with a handmade 3/8 inch Latigo California Style Hanger. The hanger is hand edged, rubbed and waxed.

Mecates: You may buy the bosal without a mecate for no additional charge or with one of 3 mecate options; the #DMR5 Nylon Mecate, or the #DK3 or #DK5 Mane Hair Mecates (see dropdown for choices and prices):

#DMR5 Mecate: The #DMR5 Mecate is made of round 5/8 inch brown braid on braid nylon rope with a  tassel at one end and a 5/8 inch leather popper at the other end. It is available in 22 and 24 foot lengths. On average, the 22 foot mecate is built to ride on horses that are under 15 hands while the 24 foot length is built for horses 15 hands and taller. For more info click #DMR5 Round 5/8 inch Nylon Mecate.

#DK3 and #DK5 Mecates: These 6 strand Horse Mane Hair Mecates are firmly twisted by an expert twister around horsehair cores and are 22 feet long. The 1/2 inch #DK3 and the 5/8 inch #DK5 have good body and yet a very soft hand. They are designed to meet the requirements of refined feel for even the most discriminating hackamore reinsman. I have various colors available including sorrels, greys, blacks and whites. Please call for color availability 817-312-5305. If I don’t hear from you, I will choose the color. For more info click #DK3 1/2 inch 6 strand Horse Mane Hair Mecate or #DK5 5/8 inch 6 strand Horse Mane Hair Mecate. I will be happy to tie your mecate to your bosal when you purchase them together but you may need to adjust the wraps to fit your horse after you receive it.

Shown with the California Hanger and with the #DK3 1/2 inch 6 strand Horse Mane Hair Mecate. In the picture showing bosal measurements they are shown on the #HU1 Bosalita.