Cow Horse Bridle #HT9



The #HT9 Cow Horse Bridle is made up of the:

Headstall: The#HS51 Cowboy Headstall with Braided Rawhide is made of 5/8 inch harness leather. The crown and sliding ear piece are covered with exquisite hand braided rawhide. The sliding ear piece is designed to fit both small and large horses. The beveled buckle is stainless steel. The leather beneath the buckle is handsewn together to keep the buckle from slipping during adjustments.

Bit: The #A6 Steel Calvary Shank Bit is made of very high strength 4130 steel, the joints are smooth, this bit is made to last a lifetime. The hand engraved nickel silver on the shanks makes this beautiful both in and out of the show arena. This bit is available with your choice of 2 mouthpieces: the #4F w/roller or the #4B w/roller (see picture at left). Each is 5 1/8 inches wide, 7/16th of an inch in diameter, and has a 1 inch port. The roller is copper. This is a favorite in many disciplines including cowhorse, and is legal in NRCHA competition with either of these 2 mouthpieces. Choose the mouthpiece you need in the dropdown. Close-up of the bit with #4F mouthpiece (without a roller) is shown at left.

Bit Hobble: The #BH41 Bit Hobble has a beautiful hand braided rawhide ball and hand braided rawhide loop keepers. It is made of 1/2 inch hand edged latigo leather and is 5 1/8 inches wide. The latigo leather that has been rubbed and waxed.

Curb: The #CU21 Double Buckle Leather Curb is made of single ply 5/8 inch harness leather that is hand-edged, hand-rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. It is both AQHA legal and NRCHA legal on a bridle.

Romal Reins: The #CCR1 Rawhide Romal Reins are made of finely braided rawhide, crafted by an expert braider, with 45 buttons and 9 barrel knots. The popper is hand stamped double and stitched skirting leather. Reins are braided on your choice of 2 core widths: 3/16 inch for smaller hands and 1/4 inch for bigger hands (see dropdown). The romal and reins are connected with an 1/2 inch latigo strap with rawhide balls and loops and the reins have stainless steel swivel snaps. The romal and reins are each 48 inches long and connectors are 12 inches for a total length of 108 inches. Close-up of the reins shown at left.

This is an absolutely beautiful, top quality outfit for your bridle horse. It is NRCHA legal for all bridle horse classes. Also shown on the horse is the #BC7 Full Rawhide Braided Breast Collar which may be purchased separately.