Bridle with Shanked Bit & Doubled & Stitched Reins #HT6

From $655.48


The #HT6 Bridle w/Shanked Bit & D & S Reins is made up of the:

•   Headstall: This #HS32 Doubled and Stitched One Buckle Slide Ear Headstall is made of 5/8 inch race track harness leather lined with oil-tanned lining leather. The oil-tanned lining leather is soft and feels good against your horse’s faceRace track harness is a very dense, fine grained leather which makes it strong but flexible. The buckle piece on this headstall is extra short to keep the buckle away from the horse’s eye. The bit is connected to the headstall with slot conchos, the safest connection available.

•   Bit: #A4 Steel C Shank with Silver Bit. Almost all horses respond to this shank with confidence and content. Mouthpieces are available for every need (see pictures at left and select in dropdown). All mouthpieces are 5 1/8 inch wide and made of steel or a combination of steel and copper. This bit comes with the #BH51 3/8 inch Latigo Leather Bit Hobble.

•   Curb: Curb Strap with Flat Chain #CU10. This curb strap is made of an 1/2 inch wide chain attached between two 1/2 inch burgundy latigo leather straps that are hand-edged, hand-rubbed and waxed. The curb can be attached to the bit with the chain flat or with the chain in a twisted position. The beveled buckles, chain and wire loops are all made of stainless steel. This curb is AQHA legal when attached with the chain in the flat position.

•   Reins: #BLL1 Latigo on Latigo 5/8″ Reins Med Wt OR #BLL2 Latigo on Latigo 5/8″ Reins Heavy Wt. At 7 feet in length they are perfect for keeping your horse gathered in quick tight turns while never touching the ground. They are just right for riding colts and our shorter cutting and cow horses too. A close-up of the reins is shown at left; make your selection in the dropdown.

This bridle is very functional, exceptional handmade quality, built to last and the shorter reins will stay balanced  in quick tight turns in the cow pen! The bit in this bridle is well accepted by almost every horse.

Shown on horse in addition to the #HT6 Complete Bridle is a well used BC2 Shaped Breast Collar.