Slide Ear Headstall with Rawhide & Black Ring Knots #HS59

From $279.99


Description: The Slide Ear Headstall with Rawhide & Black Ring Knots is made of doubled and stitched 5/8 inch race track harness leather lined with oil-tanned lining leather. The cheek pieces are covered with beautiful hand braided rawhide with black kangaroo ring knot accents. The ear piece is also covered with braided rawhide. The combination of stitching and braiding makes this headstall stunning on any color horse!

There are beveled stainless steel buckles with braided rawhide keepers on each side for easy adjustment. The leather beneath the buckles is hand sewn together to keep the buckles from slipping during adjustments. This leather is hand-edged, hand-rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. The rawhide is treated with rawhide cream.

How it works: Race track harness is a very dense, fine grained leather which makes this headstall strong but flexible. This is the best leather I can buy. The lining leather feels good against your horse’s face. Because the leather is split to the correct thickness before being doubled and stitched this headstall is not thicker than a single ply leather headstall. This makes it more durable and longer lasting than a single ply headstall and it has that good feel in your hands and on the horse. The black kangaroo and rawhide only add to the eye appeal.

Available with your choice of slot concho, concho, or tie string bit ends (see dropdown). Shown with slot conchos.

Straight Breast Collar with Rawhide Braid and Black Ring Knots #BC5: This Straight Breast Collar with Rawhide Braid is accented with 6 inches of exquisitely hand braided rawhide on each side of the body and black kangaroo ring knots at the ends of the rawhide long braid. The body is made of 1 inch racetrack leather and lined with burgundy latigo. I line the chafe under the center dee with sheepskin. Along with the quality of leather and workmanship the rawhide with black ring knot accents make it beautiful in the show ring!

Also shown on the horse is the Steel C Shank Bit with Silver #A4the Double Buckle Leather Curb Strap #CU21, and the #ASR3 XX Harness Leather Split Reins.