Cowboy Headstall with Rawhide or Kangaroo #HS51

From $310.00


Description: The Cowboy Headstall With Rawhide or Kangaroo #HS51 is made of leather that is exquisitely covered in hand braided rawhide or kangaroo. Available in your choice of six designs; A-all natural rawhide, B-natural rawhide with black ring knots, C-natural rawhide with black interweave, D-black kangaroo with rawhide buttons, E-black kangaroo and F-black kangaroo with rawhide buttons and ring knots (see pictures at left). The headstall is made of 5/8 inch harness leather and the crown and sliding ear piece are covered in braided rawhide or kangaroo that is beveled so it’s smooth to the touch. The sliding ear piece is designed to fit both small and large horses comfortably. The beveled buckle is stainless steel and the leather beneath the buckle is handsewn together to keep the buckle from slipping.

This is a gorgeous headstall and looks great in the show pen, especially with the #BC5 Straight Breast Collar with Rawhide (available in natural or natural with black accents) or the #BC7 Full Rawhide Braided Breast Collar and the #CCR1 Rawhide Romel Reins. This headstall is available with your choice of slot concho, concho, or tie string bit ends (see dropdown).

Shown with slot conchos.

Shown on the bay horse in addition to the Cowboy Headstall with Rawhide or Kangaroo in rawhide is the #B92 Spanish Bit with Frog Mouthpiece, and the #CCR1 Rawhide Romel Reins.  Shown on the roan horse in addition to the Cowboy Headstall with Rawhide or Kangaroo in black kangaroo with rawhide buttons is the Steel Short S Shank Bit #B2 with roller and the Double Buckle Leather Curb Strap #CU21.