Basket Stamped Slot Ear Headstall #HS40

$119.99 $95.99


Description: The Basket Stamped Slot Ear Headstall is made of 5/8 inch double and stitched skirting leather. It has a precisely designed slot to fit comfortably on the ear of any age or size horse. There is one beveled stainless steel adjustment buckle with a hand braided rawhide loop keeper. The extra hand stitching just below the buckle prevents it from slipping. The headstall is completely handmade and hand stamped.

Crafting: To make a doubled and stitched stamped headstall I take 2 pieces of skirting leather and split them to the correct thicknesses. Next I glue the 2 pieces and carefully cut the desired shapes. Finally it’s stitched together and stamped. Doubled and stitched leather is more durable and longer lasting than single ply leather. The doubled & stitched items are not thicker than single ply leather so still have that good feel in your hands and on the horse.

Available with your choice of slot concho, concho, or tie string bit ends (see dropdown).

Shown with slot conchos.