Doubled and Stitched One Buckle Headstall #HS32



Description: The Doubled and Stitched One Buckle Slide Ear Headstall #HS32 is made of 5/8 inch race track harness leather lined with oil-tanned lining leather. Race track harness is a very dense, fine grained leather which makes it strong but flexible. This is the best leather I can buy. The lining leather feels good against your horse’s face. This headstall is hand-edged, hand-rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. The beveled buckle is stainless steel. The leather beneath the buckle is hand sewn together to prevent the buckle from slipping.

How it works: The buckle piece on this headstall is extra short to keep the buckle away from the horse’s eye. This doubled & stitched headstall is not thicker than a single ply leather headstall so has that good feel in your hands and on the horse’s face.

Crafting: To make a doubled and stitched headstall I take the race track harness and the oil-tanned lining leathers and split them to the correct thicknesses. Next I glue the 2 pieces and carefully cut the desired shapes. Finally it’s stitched together. Doubled and stitched leather is more durable and longer lasting than single ply leather and also has a nice eye-catching appearance.

The Doubled and Stitched One Buckle Slide Ear Headstall has teardrop bit ends with your choice of slot conchos, tie ends, or conchos (see dropdown).

Shown with slot conchos.