3/4″ Short Cheek Browband Headstall #HS25



Description: The 3/4 Inch Short Cheek Browband Headstall #HS25 is made of heavy single ply harness leather, 3/4 inches wide. The leather has been hand-edged, hand-rubbed, oiled with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. The browband is doubled and stitched. The throatlatch is made of 5/8 inch single ply leather. All the buckles are beveled stainless steel with leather loop keepers. The leather beneath the buckles is hand sewn together to prevent the buckles from slipping which helps make this headstall so nice to adjust to fit different horses. This is a very durable headstall that will last through years of hard use. This is the perfect headstall to ride with any bit and it’s nice enough to go anywhere and look good.

How it works:  The cheek pieces on this headstall are shorter than average and shorter than the similar #HS24 headstall. The shorter cheeks assure that the buckle pieces will not get close to the horse’s eyes. This is especially nice on the horse with a small head but works well on any size horse. This headstall is available in 2 sizes (see dropdown). The small horse size has a 33″ crown to fit horses 15 hands and under and the large horse comes with a 36″ crown and is designed to fit horses over 15 hands.

Available with your choice of slot concho, concho or tie string bit ends (see dropdown).

Shown with slot conchos.