Cowboy Split Ear Headstall #HS11



Description: The Cowboy Split Ear Headstall is made of single ply 5/8 inch heavy harness leather. The buckle is beveled stainless steel with a leather loop keeper. The leather beneath the buckle is hand sewn together to prevent the buckle from slipping. The headstall has been edged, hand-rubbed, oiled with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. The Cowboy Split Ear is designed with teardrop bit ends.

How it works: This headstall has an extra-long ear split which allows it to nicely fit all horses, big and small. This headstall really fits a horse. This is my favorite single ply headstall and continues to be one of my best sellers. I designed the pattern for this when I started my business in 1976 and in those days I used to trace it on the leather by using a wooden pattern I had carved! The design has not changed (but my pattern isn’t wooden anymore)!

Available with your choice of tie end, slot concho or concho bit ends (see dropdown). Slot conchos are the safest way to attach a headstall to a bit, I highly recommend the slot concho. They’re punchy and they look great. Dennis

Shown with slot conchos.