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1 3/4″ Hobble #H2


Description: This figure 8 hobble with stainless steel squares is made of 1 3/4 inch doubled and stitched burgundy latigo leather. Squares are premium handmade stainless steel with smooth edges. This stout hobble is an extra wide 1 3/4″ to help protect the horse’s legs.

How it works: Hobbles are a very good tool for teaching patience, trust in the handler, and responding to pressure so the release is received. Many a horse has been saved from severe injury when caught in wire because it was hobble trained. A horseman teaches his horse to accept hobbles and sidelines so she/he won’t ever have to tie or ground tie a horse and take a chance on him ruining his tender mouth with a jerk from a stepped on or tied rein. Investing in hobbles and their training can have a big pay-back.

Visit “Hobble Along” to read my Tack Talk article on proper and safe use of hobbles.

The first time you use the hobbles on your colt or horse, or while training the horse to accept hobbles, use a wide open sandy area. Do not put hobbles on in a confined space until they accept them easily and well. If you are not familiar with the use of hobbles seek help from a professional who is experienced with their use.