Ortho Equine Saddle Pad #GSP1


Description: The  Ortho Equine Saddle Pad #GSP1 is made of two pieces of 3/8 inch foam rubber and measures 31 inches long x 32 inches wide. The pad is covered with hunter green (black shown in photo is not available) synthetic leather and lined with washable synthetic chamois. This pad stays in place no matter how ‘catty’ your horse is.  If you have trouble with your saddle pad slipping, or your kids’ saddle pads or saddle blankets slipping, this may be the perfect solution! This pad is cut back at the withers and correctly fits any back from a two year old whose withers are just beginning to develop to an older horse.

How it works: Use this pad alone or add your expensive saddle blanket on top. This pad conforms to the horse and does not slip around no matter how sweaty the horse’s back gets. You do not have to continually reset your saddle or pull your cinch extra tight to compensate for a round back. The Ortho Equine Pad is shaped to fit the animals back and has round corners and bound edges for long protection from wear. Another very good attribute; this pad really helps prevent hair loss and eliminates saddle sores! I am selling a lot of these pads to cutting horse trainers and they say it really has helped with their problems with saddle sores! This is also a great pad for ropers with round back horses. When you are done riding, hose the pad off to remove sweat and hair and let it dry until the next time your ride.

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