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Hand Braided Rawhide Oxbow Stirrups #GS2



Description: Like all the hand braided rawhide stirrups at Dennis Moreland Tack these Hand Braided Rawhide Oxbows start in the metal shop where the stirrups are shaped and a 3/8 inch stainless steel rod is welded in the top. The metal is polished and the stirrups are taken to the braiding shop for the rawhide to be hand braided on. After braiding they go to the leather shop for the skirting leather treads to be laced on and the top wear leathers to be attached. Lastly the tread and wear leathers are hand oiled to give you years of service. These are very high quality stirrups. 

How they work: Correctly shaped steel stirrups covered with finely hand-braided rawhide are not only a riding aid but add a distinctive look to any saddle. Stirrups have harness leather treads and roller cover. The weight of these steel stirrups really helps keep them in place during quick, catty moves. If you lose a stirrup it will be right there to pick up again. Available in two sizes (see dropdown): 1 inch oxbow (5 3/4 inches deep x 5 1/2 inches wide) and 1 inch oxbow wide (6 1/4 inches deep x 6 inches wide). The wide size is for wider boots, such as E width or more. It’s always good to choose the width which allows space between the edge of your foot and the edge of the stirrup for safe mounting and dismounting.

Shown are 1 inch oxbow stirrups.