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Get Down-Plain Nose #GD1

Description: The GD1 Get Down has a California style hanger made of 1/2 inch burgundy latigo leather that has been hand-edged, rubbed and waxed. The noseband is made of 3/16 inch extra soft lay nylon rope that lays correctly on the nose from the first time you use it. The get down rope is 14 feet long and made of 5/16 inch braid on braid rope. There is a leather popper bled (spliced) to the tie end and partially covered by a long hand-braided rawhide knot. The ball end of the get down rope ties snugly around the horses neck with a bowline knot to prevent the loop from becoming too tight around the neck. It has a small rope tassel and a hand-braided rawhide knot at the end. This is a beautiful piece of handmade equipment.

How it works: This Get Down wth hanger, noseband and lead rope is designed to be worn under the bridle. This is the perfect tool if you need to get off and lead or tie your horse while it’s bridled. Get Downs are especially handy on the ranch or when trail riding or hunting. While riding the get down rope can be carried by tucking it under your belt, double half-hitching it to your saddle horn or coiling it and attaching it to your saddle with the left front saddle string. Always use caution when tying your horse and always tie at shoulder level or above. Shown on the horse is the #GD3 Get Down. Also shown on the horse are the #HS53 Two Buckle Slide Ear Headstall with Rawhide, the #A4 Steel C Shank with Silver Bit, the #CU21 Double Buckle Curb, and the #CCRR1 Romal Reins.