Game Changer Tiedown Headsetter #CST0

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Description: The Game Changer’s cheek pieces are made of 3/4 inch harness leather with beveled stainless steel adjustment buckles. The bit ends have stainless steel snaps for bit attachment. The other ends of each cheek piece have a 1 1/4 inch stainless steel ring where 2 pieces of twisted nylon rope are attached on each side. One piece of rope goes over the poll and the other in front of the ears. The Game Changer’s noseband is also made of twisted nylon rope.

The tie down strap is made of 1 inch harness leather. It has a stainless steel snap for attachment to the cinch. It also has a 3/4 inch stainless steel ring at the top. A single piece of hard lay rope connects from the rings at the top of each cheek piece through the rings on each side of the back of the noseband to the ring on the top of tiedown strap. The hard lay rope will last for years and holds it’s shape well.

How it works: The Game Changer is a combination tiedown and headsetter made into one very useful piece of tack that your horse will understand and respond to. When adjusted correctly, it applies pressure to your horse’s head and nose, only when your horse hollows out its back and raises its head. When your horse gets out of position the tie down strap applies pressure to its nose, poll and forehead. At the moment your horse gives to the pressure, the tie down strap instantly becomes loose again and the pressure is released.

Besides the adjustment holes in the cheek pieces there is only one simple adjustment on the Game Changer; the adjustment holes in the tiedown strap. The tie down strap should always be adjusted so the headsetter doesn’t apply pressure on your horse’s head unless its gets out of position. The majority of horses ridden in the Game Changer respond to it quickly and easily. It can give your horse more confidence in it’s maneuvers and really make a difference in your horse’s ability to perform successfully.

The Game Changer was not designed as a training tool to teach collection. Martingales are useful aids for that.

Choices: The Game Changer can be used with any bit and reins. We offer it alone or with the following best selling bit and rein choices. Please select your preference in the dropdown below.

Bits: Choice of bits includes the Ring Snaffle Bit #17-9 with 3/8th inch 2 piece mouthpiece or the Ring Snaffle Bit #17-42 with 3/16th inch twisted wire mouthpiece. If you prefer a different bit you can order this with almost any of the bits I make by calling 817-312-5305.

Reins: The choice of reins includes: the #ASR6 DM Harness Leather Split Reins which are 6 1/2 to 7 feet long and work well on horses 14.5 hands and under, the #ASR3 XX Harness Leather Split Reins which are 7 to 7 1/2 feet and are a good length for horses 14.5 to 16 hands, the #BLL1 Latigo on Latigo 5/8″ Reins, Medium Weight in 7 foot length for horses 14.5 hands and under, and the #RR25 Adjustable Barrel Rein. If you prefer different reins you can order this with many of the reins I make by calling 817-312-5305.

When riding with the Game Changer do not let your horse drop its head to the ground because it can step through the rope or on the tiedown and cause an accident. When you dismount, immediately unsnap the tiedown from the cinch.

The Game Changer should be adjusted loosely when initially used on your horse. Be sure to let your horse know the Game Changer is attached by pulling the reins back and to both sides from the ground. Assistance from a professional is necessary to learn safe use of any headsetter or tiedown, including the Game Changer. If you’re not familiar with the proper use of the Game Changer, get the help of a professional trainer who is experienced with the use of headsetters.

Shown on the horse in addition to the Game Changer is the #17-9 Snaffle with 3/8th inch 2 piece mouthpiece, the #BLL1 Latigo on Latigo 5/8″ Reins, Medium Weight and the #CU31 Single Buckle Leather Curb.