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Double Rope Noseband/Tiedown #T3

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Description: This Double Rope Noseband/Tiedown is made of 2 pieces of 3/16 inch nylon rope. It has a stainless steel dog-bone. Latigo leather covers the nose and is laced on the noseband with rawhide laces. The leather hanger has been edged, hand rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand rubbed again. The buckle is stainless steel. The leather beneath the buckle is stitched together to keep the buckle in place when you adjust the hanger. It has a hand braided rawhide keeper.

How it works: This double rope noseband is wider than any of my single rope nosebands. The width spreads the contact pressure over a larger area of the nose. That, in conjunction with the leather on the noseband, makes this milder than my nosebands that are covered in braided rawhide but it gives a stronger signal than my Leather Noseband/Tiedown.

This tiedown noseband will hold up to years of hard use. It looks great with any of the rawhide headstalls sold here at Dennis Moreland Tack.

This noseband is available without a tie down strap or with your choice of a 1 inch or 3/4 inch Leather Tie Down Strap #ZG or a Nylon Tiedown Strap #ZH (see dropdown to order). Also shown on the horse is the One Buckle Slide Ear Headstall with Rawhide #HS54 and the Harness Leather Roping Reins with Rawhide Knots #RR24.