1/2″ 6 Strand Mane-Hair Mecate #DK3


Description: This mecate has been designed with the true hackamore horseman in mind. Six strands of horse mane-hair have been firmly twisted on a horse hair core to 1/2 inch. It will meet the requirements of refined feel for even the most discriminating reinsman. This mecate, sometimes called a McCarty, is 22 feet long. I will be happy to tie this mecate to a bosal if you purchase one but you may need to adjust the number of wraps to fit your horse after you receive it. There are various colors available including sorrels, greys, blacks and whites. Please call for color availability 817-312-5305. If I don’t hear from you, I will choose the color.

How it works: Horse mane-hair mecates are widely used in the California-vaquero tradition, used on both hackamores and snaffle bits. A horse responds to the feel of the horse hair on their neck better than to many other materials. The traditional material and patterns also look exceptionally good on our horses. This is the ultimate horse hair rope.