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Bled Double Buckle Curb Strap #CU30


Description: The Bled Double Buckle Curb Strap #CU30 is made of 1/2 inch latigo leather that has been bled (braided) in the center. The bled leather has more texture than a flat leather strap. The texture increases the feel of the curb. The buckles and wire loop keepers are stainless steel. The leather under the buckles is hand stitched together to prevent the buckles from slipping out of position.

How it works: This curb has a lot of feel on a young horse without the advanced signal of a chain. It makes a very nice transition curb when you need just a bit more signal than a leather strap but don’t need the strong signal of a chain curb strap. This curb is not legal on a shanked bit in AQHA classes. It does make a great training curb.

See my Tack Talk article “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to learn more about curb straps.