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Curb Strap with Flat Chain #CU10


Description: This Curb Strap with Flat Chain #CU10 is made of an 1/2 inch wide chain attached between two 1/2 inch burgundy latigo leather straps that are hand-edged, hand-rubbed and waxed. The curb can be attached to the bit with the chain flat or with the chain in a twisted position. The beveled buckles, chain and wire loops are all made of stainless steel. This curb is AQHA legal when attached with the chain in the flat position.

How it works: The flat chain gives a stronger signal on the chin when the reins are tightened than any of the leather curbs. If the chain is attached in the twisted position the signal becomes even stronger (but is then not legal in AQHA shows).

See my Tack Talk article “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to learn more about curb straps.