Adjustable Rope Headsetter #CST4

From $84.99


Description: This headsetter is made of 3/16 inch nylon rope with race track harness leather adjustment straps allowing you to get exactly the right fit for your horse. Racetrack harness leather is the toughest and tightest fibered leather I can buy. It is not latigo leather and will not stretch but is pliable and has great feel. The 5705 buckles on each side are made of stainless steel. The headsetter price does not include a tie down strap but you may purchase a Leather Tiedown Strap #ZG, either 3/4 or 1 inch in width, or a Nylon Tie Down Strap #ZH (shown) with the headsetter. See dropdown to order.

How it works: Pressure is applied from the tiedown strap to the nose as the head goes up causing the cheek pieces to slide through the nose piece rings until they hit the top stops on the cheek pieces. As the cheek pieces are sliding pressure is increased at the poll. This headsetter applies more pressure to the poll than to the nose. The pressure points together cause the horse to lower his head to a natural position to find release. This is a very popular training tool with ropers and can help those horses that have a tendency to raise their heads while roping. Can be a great training aid for other disciplines also. Horses can learn to ride with their heads lower if ridden in the headsetter tiedown.