Chuck Frasier Sidepull #CP40

From $236.00


Description: The noseband on this sidepull is crafted from firm 3/8″ nylon rope, which is specially designed to ensure it lays correctly from the first ride. The headstall is made of single ply 3/4″ tight-fibered harness leather with a 5/8″ throat latch. This sidepull comes with slot conchos, which are the safest and most secure conchos I make. You can see the photos on the left for instructions on slot concho removal and application. The buckles are stainless steel with the leather below the buckles stitched to keep them in place.

How it works:
Since this sidepull is considered a bitless bridle, it is designed for use on the adult horse and is a great tool for when you don’t want to put pressure on the horse’s mouth while maintaining plenty of control. With the design of this sidepull, the stainless steel shanks come against the opposite side of the horses face with a direct rein pull so the horse starts his turns without leaning. Put your leg on him once the turn is started to teach him to complete the turn without leaning.
The noseband in combination with the dog chain curb provides a strong signal to stop.

Watch the video “The Secret to using the Chuck Frasier Sidepull” to learn more.

This sidepull is available without reins or with one of these four popular choices (see dropdown to order):
ASR6 DM Harness Leather Split Reins-6 1/2 to 7 feet, for horses under 15 hands.
BLL6 Latigo on Latigo 3/4″ Reins-6 1/2 to 7 feet, for horses under 15 hands.
ASR3 XX Harness Leather Split Reins-7 to 7 1/2 feet, built for the 15 to 16 hand horse.
ASR1 XXXX Harness Leather Split Reins-8 feet, a good fit for horses over 16 hands.

Shown with the ASR3 XX Harness Leather Split Reins. Price with these reins is $324.99.