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Sidepull #CP38

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Description: The noseband on the Sidepull #CP38 is made of 3/8 inch firm nylon rope specially designed to lay correctly from the first ride. The headstall is made of single ply, 3/4 inch, dense, tight-fibered harness leather and has a 5/8 inch throat latch. The leather has been edged, hand-rubbed, oiled with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again. The buckles and rings are all stainless steel.

Reins: The Sidepull is available with or without reins. The 3 most popular choices used with my Sidepull are the #ASR6 DM Harness Leather Split Reins, #BLL6 Latigo on Latigo 3/4″ Reins (shown) and the #ASR3 XX Harness Leather Split Reins. The #ASR6 and #BLL6 are both shorter reins, 6 1/2 to 7 feet, and will work well on the smaller colt or horse. At 7 to 7 1/2 feet, the #ASR3 is a good choice for the bigger colt or horse (generally 15 to 16 hands). Choose between these 3 reins in the dropdown. Many of the other reins I make can be used on this Sidepull. If you don’t see what you need here visit the rein category  to purchase your choice of reins separately.

How it works: Sidepulls are a good piece of equipment to use for starting colts, or to transition colts to from a soft rope hackamore. Using a sidepull is a nice way to teach young horses to move through turns with their noses first without putting any pressure on their delicate mouths. Once the colt is turning well with direct pressure from the sidepull a trainer will move to the snaffle, hackamore or bosal.

Sidepull is shown with the #BLL6 Latigo on Latigo 3/4 inch Snaffle Bit Reins. With this rein the price is $302.99.