German Martingale with Roping Reins #CM1D


Description: The German Martingale with Roping Reins #CM1D is the same as the German #CM1A but comes with roping reins instead of split reins. This martingale has no headstall or bit so you can add your own. The martingale is made of 1/4 inch tan nylon cord with a 1/2 inch latigo safety hobble strap. The roping reins have been edged, hand rubbed, oiled with Neatsfoot Oil and hand rubbed again.

How it Works: The key to the German martingale is the long neck strap giving a good line from the bit to the cinch. This allows the neck to lower from the withers before flexing at the poll. The 1/8 inch solid braid cord that runs through the bit to the reins has a high quality hard finish so slides very easily allowing a quick release. The release is more important than the pull but you have to pull to get the release. A horse learns from the release.

Assistance from a professional is necessary to learn safe use of a German martingale.

The martingale is a very useful tool to aid a horse in learning proper head position as he learns collection. If adjusted correctly a martingale does not force the head to stay in any given position but allows the horse a guide for head placement through automatic release of pressure on the reins when correct head placement is achieved. This can make it easier for a horse to reach a more collected frame over time by allowing assistance with head position as the rider teaches the horse to drive from behind.

The diagram shows the Complete German Martingale #CM1A. This German Martingale #CM1D comes with roping reins and without headstall or bit.