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Sliding Running Martingale #CM3


Description: The sliding running martingale has a neck strap made of single ply 3/4 inch heavy harness leather. There is an adjustable tie down strap with cinch snap running from the center ring on the neck strap. A second snap with a ring-end is attached to the center ring of the neck strap and through the ring slides a heavy 1/4 inch nylon cord that’s 18 inches long with rein rings at each end. The sliding action allows the rider to pull the horse’s head completely around while maintaining correct placement. Buckles, rings and snaps are all stainless steel. An 1/2 inch latigo safety hobble strap goes through the gullet of the saddle and over the horn to prevent the neckstrap from sliding to the ears.

How it works: The running martingale is a very useful tool to aid a horse in learning proper head position as he learns collection. If adjusted correctly a martingale does not force the head to stay in any given position but allows the horse a guide for head placement through automatic release of pressure on the reins when correct head placement is achieved. This can make it easier for a horse to reach a more collected frame over time by allowing assistance with head position as the rider teaches the horse to drive from behind.