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German Martingale Complete #CM1A

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How it works: The key to any German Martingale is the release of pressure on the bit. The Y-cord on my German Martingale is made with a very hard finished, tightly braided cord (please see diagram at left). This cord runs from the cinch adjustment strap through the ring of the bit and connects to the reins at the Y cord rein knot. This cord releases immediately, with no drag, when you release finger-tip pressure on the reins. The horse learns to respond to pressure on the bit from this quick and rewarding release.

The neck strap on my German Martingale is long to give the correct angle from the cinch to the bit. This angle is very important in the training process because it encourages a horse to lower its neck from the withers before flexing at the poll. You will not find this angle on other German Martingales. The safety hobble on the neck strap goes through the gullet and over the horn to prevent the neck strap from sliding forward and getting caught behind the ears. Without the safety hobble pressure from the martingale sliding forward may cause a horse to rear up and possibly fall over backwards.

There is only one simple adjustment on my German Martingale; the adjustment knot that leads to the cinch snap. This can be adjusted so this Martingale fits any size horse correctly. This is a great tool to use on any age horse. It helps relax and collect a horse and helps eliminate dropped shoulders in preparation for advanced maneuvers.

A German Martingale needs to be used correctly and with caution. Always check a horse from the ground so they know the German Martingale is there before you get on. Do not let the horse drop its head to the ground because he can step through the martingale rein and cause an accident. When you dismount, immediately unsnap the martingale from the cinch.

Description: The complete German Martingale includes the #HS24 3/4″ Browband Headstall, your choice of the #17 Heavy Ring Snaffle with the #9 3/8th inch 2 piece mouthpiece, the #17 Heavy Ring Snaffle with the #42 3/16th inch twisted wire mouthpiece or the #18 Egg Butt Snaffle and your choice of 4 harness leather reins. The choice of reins includes: the #ASR6 DM Harness Leather Split Reins which are 6 1/2 to 7 feet and work well on the smaller horse, the #ASR3 XX Harness Leather Split Reins which are 7 to 7 1/2 feet and are a good length for the average horse 14.5 to 16 hands, the #ASR2 XXX Harness Leather Split Reins are 7 1/2 to 8 feet and fit horses 16 hands and over, and, the Roping Rein with Rein Ends (water loops) if you prefer a single rein.

If you prefer a different snaffle you can order the martingale with any of the snaffles I make by calling 817-312-5305. Also shown on the horse is the #CA1 3/16th” Rope Cavesson with Rawhide Braided Nose. This cavesson is sold separately and not included in the price of the German Martingale.

Assistance from a professional is necessary to learn safe use of a German Martingale. If you’re not familiar with the proper use of a German Martingale, get the help of a professional trainer who is experienced with its use.