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Braided Grass Hackamore Rein #CHR1


Description: If you’re looking for a hackamore rein that will really help you get a good turning response from your colts this is a good choice because it’s easy for a horse to feel the texture of this Braided Grass Hackamore Rein on its neck. This, in turn, helps colts understand neck reining cues. This hand braided grass rein is braided with a smooth solid-braid that’s 1 inch wide x 16 feet long. It doesn’t stretch and has been waxed to give it a longer life. Note that this rein can be a little scratchy on your hands.

This is a very useful rein to have when you’re training colts or tuning up older horses because this rein really helps your horses learn to respond to pressure. It’s high quality and will last.