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Leather Romal Reins with Rawhide Buttons #CCR2

$649.99 $554.99

Description: The Leather Romal is made of doubled and stitched 5/8 inch latigo and the Leather Reins are made of doubled and stitched 1/2 inch latigo. The beautiful rawhide buttons and barrel knots on the reins and romal are all braided by hand. The popper is hand stamped double and stitched skirting leather. The reins and romal are connected with an 1/2 inch latigo strap with rawhide balls and loops and the reins have stainless steel swivel snaps. The romal and reins are each 48 inches long and connectors are 12 inches for a total of 108 inches. If you want to use rein chains and need a shorter rein let me know and I’ll make them just the way you want them. These Leather Romal Reins with Rawhide Buttons (also known as Romel Reins) are being used by professionals. This is a great alternative to the higher priced rawhide romals and make the perfect everyday or show romal reins.

Watch my video to learn more about romal reins. Read “What Everybody Should Know About Romal Reins” in my blog to learn more about romal rein use and history.

Crafting: To make double and stitched romals and reins I take 2 pieces of latigo and split them to the correct thicknesses. Next I glue the 2 pieces and carefully cut the desired lengths. Finally they’re stitched together. Double and stitched leather is more durable and longer lasting than single ply leather. The double & stitched items are not thicker than single ply leather so still have that good feel in your hands. All of the rawhide at Dennis Moreland Tack is produced entirely by hand from start to finish before being braided.

Your rawhide should be conditioned regularly with #ZK Vaquero Rawhide Cream.

Shown is Clayton Edsall riding Skeets Oak Peppy to the 2016 World’s Greatest Horseman title in his Leather Romal Reins with Rawhide Buttons.  “These romal reins have the weight and feel I think romal reins should have” says Clayton.