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California Martingale #CM5


Description: This California Martingale is made entirely of 1/4 inch solid braid nylon cord. The rein rings attached to the adjustable neck strap and the cinch snap are stainless steel. The rein rings are tied on the neck strap with bowline knots. This makes it easy to change their position higher and lower on the neck strap for different horses or different levels of training as desired. The neck strap and the cord running to the cinch are also adjustable. Simply let out or take up cord and re-tie the overhand knot.

This martingale is made with a 1/2 inch latigo safety hobble strap. This strap slides under your saddle’s gullet and up over the horn. It prevents the martingale from slipping up the neck if your horse lowers its head.

How it works: Unlike a running martingale, the rings on the California Martingale are tied on the neck strap and lay right on the neck. This gives you a real good, straight line from the bit to your hands. This line, or angle, will not only help your horse keep its head in position during more advanced training for collection, but it also helps your horse keep its shoulders up. This is a great aid to use on horses that want to drop their shoulders.