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Adjustable Latigo Leather Cavesson #CA5

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Description: This Adjustable Latigo Leather Cavesson is made with a doubled and stitched 5/8 inch burgundy latigo leather noseband. The chin strap and headstall are single ply burgundy latigo leather. This latigo is a soft, pliable leather that feels good on a horse’s face. It’s stout and will last for years of hard use. The buckles and rings are stainless steel. This cavesson is available in small and large sizes. Both sizes are adjustable. The noseband on the small cavesson adjusts between 20 1/2 and 24 inches and the crown adjusts between 30 and 33 inches. The noseband on the large cavesson adjusts between 23 and 27 inches and the crown adjusts between 31 and 38 inches. Generally speaking, the small size will fit the smaller or young horse (approximately 14.2 hands and under) and the large size will fit the mature/bigger horse over 14.2 hands.

Size Measurement: An easy way to be certain to get the correct sized cavesson is to wrap a leadrope around the nose where the cavesson will lay, mark the leadrope with a magic marker, straighten it and then measure the leadrope. When measuring, be sure to wrap the leadrope loosely enough that the horse will have enough room between his nose and the cavesson to be comfortable and to be able to hold the bit. A good rule of thumb is 2 fingers width between the nose and cavesson (which is the diameter of most leadropes) if the horse is trained to a cavesson.

This cavesson is a good starting cavesson and is also good for sensitive horses. It should be adjusted loosely when starting any horse in it.

For more information on cavesson fit and use visit: There’s More to a Cavesson than Meets the Eye: How and Why to Use Cavessons