Latigo on Latigo 1/2″ Reins, Medium Weight #BLL4

Description: If you’ve got smaller hands and are looking for a double and stitched rein with body and drape but not too much bulk these are a good choice. At 7 feet 9 inches in length these Medium Weight Latigo on Latigo 1/2 Inch Reins are my best selling double & stitched reins for ladies and youth with small hands. Because they are light but drape so well when a horse is shown on a really loose rein these are also a favorite with reiners.

They are made of a medium weight leather that’s approximately 18 oz. making the reins 9/32nd of an inch thick after I stitch them together. I edge these reins by hand, rub them, oil them and rub them again. This extra hand work adds to their great feel. Every detail I put in their production coupled with the fact I buy only the highest quality hides to make my reins gives you that good even contact with your horses face you’re looking for.

These reins are built to last.

$119.99 $105.99