Latigo on Latigo 1/2″ Reins, Medium Weight #BLL4

Description: At 7 feet 9 inches in length these Medium Weight Latigo on Latigo 1/2″ Reins are my best selling double and stitched reins for ladies and youth with small hands. They are also a favorite with reiners. They are made of a medium weight leather that is approximately 18 oz. making the reins 9/32nd of an inch thick after I stitch them together. Because I edge these reins by hand, rub them, oil them and rub them again these reins have very good feel and body. The details in the production coupled with the fact that I buy only the highest quality hides to make my reins are the reasons they have such good even contact with the horses face.

These reins look very professional in the show pen and are built to last.